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Australian wildlife collection featuring original artwork. The coasters made from resin and painted by hands. The coaster’s shape represents Australia map. These coasters are one of a kind and completely unique. A perfect gift for various occasions.

Who can resist the Kangaroo, the Koala, the Emu, and the Kookaburra that are the excellent gift for someone who never visited Australia or has homesickness?


Each coaster sold separately

Australian Wildlife Resin Coaster

    • Wash with a mild soap and water. Dry with a microfiber clothes
    • Do not use abrasive scourers
    • Not dishwasher safe
    • Resin coaster is suited to withstand the heat of a standard cup of coffee
    • Keep out of direct long exposure to sunlight
    • If you find the resin has softened due to heat place in a cool spot and it will harden again.


  • - Each coaster: 150mm x 115mm x 8mm

    -Material: resin

    -The coasters can be used for warm and cold drinks